he olive oil is considered like the king of oils, as much by its flavor as by its medicinal properties.
Thanks to their monoinsaturados fatty acid wealth, like the oleic one, the olive oil protect against the most injurious consequence of the excess of cholesterol in the blood: arteriosclerosis. When this affects the arteries you would crown that they irrigate the cardiac muscle, takes place the feared infarct of myocardium. For that reason the olive oil is considered like cardiosaludable of all vegetal oils.

Our Extra Virgin olive oil, coming from own olives of Integrated Agriculture, has been elaborated with our exclusive system, without contribution of heat nor water in the process. It is extracted to the same temperature that has the fruit.

The obtained oil has a highest concentration in Tocoferoles, Escualeno and Polifenoles that are component of a great nutricional importance (antirust natural, provitamins, vitamins,) and of highest cardiosaludable value. This oil contains antirust, anticancerigenic properties and also it favors the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. The extra virgin olive oil is rich in vitamin and, it has a high antirust power, it protects membranes of the nervous systems, muscular and cardiovascular and reduces the risk of suffering cardiovascular arthritis, infarcts, diseases and has preventive qualities against the cancer, specially the one of breast.